Our philosophy is that anyone who contacts us will find that they are guided and followed up by professionals with high standard for excellence at reasonable and competitive rates..

Our attorneys have experience and background compatible with your legal needs and holds the competence necessary to resolve your case in the best way possible.
We are purposeful and always have the client’s interests in focus.

All our lawyers are members of the Association of Lawyers and we follow the Law Society’s requirements for both professional and ethical standards.
Continuous improvement and education are an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our services.

About us

The law firm Stenseth was established in 1998 when Attorney John Stenseth established his own practice in the Arcade.
At the end of 2005, the company moved into the current premises in Verksgaten 54, located in Stavanger.

Today, the law firm is a professional knowledge company that delivers first class legal services to business and individuals.
The law firm consists of professionally skilled attorneys who continuously improve and educate on regulations, jurisprudence and community development.

The best results will often be achieved through proper strategic choices and focus on negotiation opportunities.

Not all cases can be resolved during the negotiation period and therefore, some cases turn to a court case.

We will bring your case to court if we believe the case is valid to conduct a legal action. To reach a winning agreement is the main focus, but this must be weighed against the process costs both in time, money and the high levels of conflict. Before we go to court, we will give you, the client, an overview of your best chances of winning the case, as well as the consequences of a lawsuit.